Monday, September 03, 2007


Jason and I were talking on our way home from LA on Saturday about the number of people we know who have had a DUI. I don't drink and drive now that I have kids but I used to do it all the time. When Jason and I go out at night he always drives and he is really good about not drinking too much but I am sure if we got pulled over he would be over the legal limit.
Saturday we went to LA for the third birthday of my cousin's daughter. It was a hawaiian themed party and it was a lot of fun. It was really hot there and miserable but the kids had fun. Liesl has had a fever on and off since Saturday night. It has been between 102 and 104 and she is just miserable. I am going to the Doctor tomorrow to drop off some school release for Porter so I am going to see if he can see her. I have been giving her ibuprofin because that is what is giving her some releaf and alowing her to sleep. I hate having a sick kid, it really just sucks.
Sunday and Monday we celebrated my dad's birthday and just hung out by the pool. Liesl just wanted me to hold her and it was hot but she did get in the water for a little bit.

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  1. I always say that they should have a little breathalizer at bars or for home use because I really want to know how much is actually too much. I play it safe (didn't always) and am luckily married to a nondrinker, but still I wonder. I can only think of 3 peeps with DUIs off hand, but still.