Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last night

Porter woke up around 10:30PM so he watched the last part of Heros with us before Jason took him back to bed. About 6 months ago when I would put Porter to bed I started telling Porter true stories about when Porter was a baby. Porter started asking Jason for stories and Jason would make up stories about Porter being on adventures and stuff. So last night when Jason took Porter back to bed he wanted a story. Jason told a story about how Porter and his friend rode their bikes to the grocery store and when they were coming out there were these big boys who said "give me your money" and Porter said "and I had a knife and I cut their heads off" Jason just started laughing and told him no you went back in the store and told the manager. Anyway I was cracking up when Jason told me but it was a little disturbing to me that he said that.

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