Wednesday, September 12, 2007

gym and school

Yesterday I dropped Porter off at Kim's house and took Liesl to a mom and tot gym class. Liesl was not that into it and wanted to nurse when we were warming up and stretching. Most of the other kids look to be around two so they could follow the directions a little bit more than Liesl. After a while Liesl got into it and during free play she just wated to go down the little slide. If another kid walked toward the slide she would say "no mine". She is so cute it is hard not to laugh when she says that but I did take her off it so other kids could have a turn. I went and picked up Porter and took him to meet his teacher. It was a really short meeting because we were the last one of the day and I think she wanted to get home or something. Porter and Liesl had fun playing and Porter was not happy to have to go home.
Today we stayed home because I was expecting a package of clothes I ordered. We just played at home and all took a nap in our bed at 12:30. Porter slept for 2.5 hours and I finally had to wake him up because I wanted to go to Target. I bought Porter some new underwear in a bigger size so he can pull them up easier at school. Porter was a little off today and I wonder if he is getting sick. I hope not because I would hate for him to have to miss school tomorrow.

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