Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I took the kids to City Farmers Nursery for some fertilizer and new plants. The kids always have a great time there playing in the playground and running around. When we were in the office checking out, the kids saw some poults in a cage. I asked the owner about them and he said what they don't eat they are going to sell. I put my name on the list to buy one, so if they don't loose anymore we might have a locally raised Thanksgiving turkey!
My pumpkin plant is doing well, but the zucchini and cucumber are not. I have two turnip plants that are coming back from almost dying and I planted a mint where some lettuce was.

I cut this tree down a few months ago to give the vegetable box more light. I love how it has turned into a little bush. I think it is so cute!

I planted another tomato plant, tomatillo and some Japanese eggplant in this box. The two tomato plants that I have in there were over watered and grew all crazy instead of compact. I hope I have better luck with my new one. I really want to just rip them out, but there are still some tomatoes on them and I just can't kill them.

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