Monday, June 01, 2009

Elephant Odyssey

Today we went to check out the new Elephant Odyssey exhibit at the zoo. It just opened a few weeks ago and I really wanted to go check it out. The kids were not really interested in going, but once we got there they loved it. It is really geared towards kids and has a nice little play area at the end for them. It flows really well, is at least twice as big as the old exhibit and is just really cool. The only problem is that Porter freaked out when I told him it was time to leave. He wanted to go back to the beginning of the exhibit to play on the sculptures. It was a fun long walk to the exit with a screaming kid. If I didn't talk to him or answer the same questions over and over he would scream even louder. Here are some photos of the fun time!
Porter did not want his picture taken.

Liesl had fun running through these tracking collars.

Porter is really into climbing these days and he had a lot of fun on this tractor.

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