Thursday, December 04, 2008

sewing fun and preschool

Today my friend and I decided to keep our older kids at school for an extra 2 hours, so we could sew. I finished three projects and started another,so it was a productive day for me. Here is Liesl and Nyssa modeling the dress and skirt I finished.

I picked Porter up a half hour before I said I would and I am so happy I did. The school has been going through some changes and I told Porter that he would not stay for lunch until they got a new teacher. I wanted to go to the grocery store on Tuesday, so he stayed a little later and then today, so that was twice in a week. When I picked him up he told me that earlier he went poop and that they made him wipe his butt. I know he is 4 1/2 and could do it himself, but I just don't fight it with him. When he wipes himself he smears it all over and then it is a lot more work for me to finish the job. Last year he pooped once at school and he does not do it that often, so what were the chances that he would have to do it at school? So, back to today, Porter told me that one aide had him wipe, then the other aide came in and made him finish wiping. I guess the first one was having a hard time with him. I understand, I would not want to wipe another kid, but I don't want Porter to be treated badly. Porter told me that he was crying because he was sad and he did not tell the aids this but he wanted his mommy. This just breaks my heart, he really does not need to be in preschool, I am a SAHM. Oh what to do, what to do.


  1. If you are going to let porter go anywhere without you, then you are going to have to let him learn to wipe his own butt. The flushable wipes help. Too bad it was so traumatic for him though but you can't blame the school for that. I guess you could have them call you next time he poops at school.

  2. I don't blame the school, I blame myself for leaving him there. When I picked Porter up I said Hi and Bye to the aids and neither one of them said anything to me about it. I only have Porter's story to go on and how he felt.

  3. Aw, I understand, I was thinking that was maybe how you were feeling. I know I felt really bad when athena cried at school once, but I know that in the long run, it is OK for her to occasionally have to deal with something challenging without me and see that everything was OK in the end. I wouldn't blame yourself at all (this stuff just happens), mommy guilt is no good. It would be another story if you were forcing him to stay, but he wants too (so does Athena lately).