Sunday, March 01, 2009


Yesterday Jason was outside with the kids watering the trees and some neighbors stopped as they were walking by and introduced themselves. They invited us over for breakfast this morning and to come check out their chickens. We didn't make it for breakfast, but we did stop by for a little while. They have three chickens and are planting the yard with fruit and vegetables. It was just this really awesome space with cool people hanging out. Some people were eating, some were starting seeds, some were working on a new planter bed and some were just chatting. It was this great community of people living together in this apartment building that Jason now calls "the hippie commune". It was so fun and inspiring. When we got home I cut down a tree that was shading my planter box and started some seedlings. I want to take out a grass strip by the sidewalk and plant vegetables. My neighbors have a weekly mostly vegan potluck that I am going to try and go to. I am just so happy this in on my block just a few houses down.

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  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Nice to have like-minded neighbours. We are not quite so lucky...