Sunday, August 03, 2008

religion part 4

I did not know there was going to be a part 4, but her goes.....

Today we were at my parent's house, Porter and my Mom were playing in the pool and there was talk of who was bigger and that Porter would be big one day too. Porter said that the "man who made the Earth was really really big" and my Mom asked him if he knew the name of the man who made the earth. Porter said "no" and my Mom said "god" and Porter said something like, I like god or I love god. I can't speak for my Mom, but from what I gather, I think, that she thinks, that children know about god even if you don't tell them. I know it is what she believes to be true, but it is not what Jason and I believe, so I really don't like her telling Porter about it like it is fact. I don't care if she talks about god with the kids I just want her preface it with "this is what I believe to be true" I know my Mom will share her beliefs and that is fine, I grew up in a church and I don't think it hurts people or it is bad. I just want my kids to know that there are a lot of beliefs out there and there is not just one way to think or one set of beliefs that they can follow if they choose to do so. Anyway, I love my family and I had a nice Sunday with them.


  1. It is Strange that you posted about religion tonight because it is what I felt like posting too. I don't think Mom did anything wrong, I would have told Porter the same thing. I think that it is proof to you that you can't keep the Holy Spirit away from your child and even though he is little he knows that something bigger than him made this world...GOD!

  2. I started going through the same things with Noah last Christmas. He had heard the "Christmas Story" and wanted me to explain it to him, so I told the story and prefaced the explanations with "many people believe...".

    We went through the same thing when he started hearing stuff about Adam and Eve and of course, being named Noah, Noah's Ark.

    I told him that lots of people believe in God, and lots of people don't and its up to him to decide what he believes. And its okay to change his mind sometimes.

    But at the end of EVERY conversation, I stress to him that THAT is one thing we always respect in others. We NEVER tell someone with the opposite belief that what THEY believe is wrong. We respect and allow people to believe what they want to about God and how to worship him.

    I think that is the important part.