Thursday, August 28, 2008

new dress

I bought this fabric a few months ago to make a dress for Liesl. I never got around to it until yesterday when Liesl asked for a yellow dress. Liesl was looking at a book and the girl had on a yellow dress, so she wanted one too. I got out this fabric and I asked her if she liked it and she said "yes". I made the dress and it is a little big, but she does not like it now because it is not pink. I had to tell her I would give her a piece of candy if she put it on for a photo, she never asked for it, but I kind of feel bad for doing that. Anyway, I think it is such a cute dress and hope she wears it someday.


  1. Oh that is SO cute! I bought a sewing machine when I started having children with fantasies of making cute simple little dresses.

    Then I had three boys.

    Anyone need to buy a sewing machine? lol

  2. i LOVE this dress...i'm still really in to 70's prints (never left this era at heart even if i was a wee one about this age myself) and always looking for some to replace the tattered squares of various thrift store patch quilts i love...great photo, too...