Wednesday, July 18, 2007

last week

Last week we went up to LA to visit Shauna for a night. The drive up was not too bad and we just went to a park with Shauna's neighbor when we got there. Wednesday we went to LA's fashion district with 5 kids, two in a double wide jogging stroller, one in a single stroller, one in a sling and one walking. It was madness so we did not stay for a long time but I was able to find some fabric for shopping bags. Thursday I met up with a group of my playgroup friends to sew shopping bags. It took us a while to get started and we only made a few bags but it was fun. Friday night we went to a concert in the park at Trolley Barn and met up with some friends. There were a lot of people there and we had a really nice time. I lost Liesl's brown sandal so that was a bummer. So far in the last month I have lost one while sandal, one brown sandal and a pair of white sandals that were the replacement for the one I lost. I never lost Porter's shoes and I can't understand how I am losing Liesl's. I was thinking of listing the left shoes on ebay but I don't know how well that would go. Friday night I met Sara and some of her friends at Bluefoot for some drinks. I drank more than I should have but I did not have a hangover so that was good. Saturday Shauna came down and we had a yard sale. My parents cleaned out their attic for the remodel they are doing and had us take all of our dolls and junk from our childhood. We did not sell much and all of the leftover stuff went to the thrift store. I could have saved it for Liesl but the plastic was not looking so good on my cabagepatch and rainbow bright dolls. Saturday afternoon I went and got my hair cut at Stacy's new salon. It is in a house and it is really cute. I loved my hair when I left the salon then I had a few days where I did not like it so much but now I love it again. I really like short hair and think it suits me well. Sunday we went and bought a new refrigerator! We went to the Sears outlet store and found one that had some scratches on it but was half the price. Jason went and recorded so I went to my parent's house to swim and hang out with Shauna. Liesl loved playing in the little pool we set up and Porter had fun in the big pool.

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