Sunday, July 22, 2007

in review

Thursday morning we went to Spreckles Park in Coronado. There were not very many people from the playgroup there but it was fun. Thursday afternoon we went to the North Park Farmers Market and bought a few things for dinner. We ran into Jane and Milo there and it was a nice opportunity to get to know them better. I tried to buy tortillas at the Albertson's by our house but they did not have any without partially hydrogenated or canola oil. I have tried three different recipes in the last month or so and I finally found one that I really like. The salomon mixture, brown rice and fresh tortillas made yummy burritos. Friday morning we went to a fun park in Encinitas. There was some traffic and the parking was hard but we had a fun time.
Friday our good friends got married at the court house and had their reception in the evening. I had the 16 year old neighbor take the kids to the park so Jason and I could get ready before my parent's came over to watch the kids. Ali was great and I am definitely going to use her again. The reception was at the MOPA where the bride works and it was a lot of fun. The cake was decorated with mushrooms and there was a frog ice sculpture.

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Ticey, Sara and I by the ice sculpture.

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Sara and I having fun.

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on our way to the Pink Elephant

We did not get home until after two and my parent's were a little tired but we had a great time.

Saturday was hard but I did alright after I got myself out of bed. We went to the Big Kitchen for breakfast but it was not verry good. Porter and Liesl did a good job in the restaurant but I did have to take them out after Liesl started crying for milk. I am so over nursing and I am trying to cut back her daytime nursing as much as I can. Saturday night we went to Bird Park with our neighbors for a free concert. The kids had a nice time and we had fun even though the music was not great. Saturday night Lorien and Val came over to sew bags and we got a lot done. We are on a roll and I can't wait for Tuesday to start finishing up some bags.

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  1. Wow! You look fantastic! So glad you had a good time. Maybe someday I'll finally make it to one of these sewing parties... my kids have just been over the top trouble lately!