Monday, March 07, 2005


Saturday we went to Porter's swim lesson. He loves swimming so much I wish we did it more than once a week. This summer we will be in my parent's pool a lot and I can't wait. We went to Beverages and More after swim lesson and then home. We went to my parent's house Saturday afternoon since we were not going to go on Sunday. It was fun to hang out with everyone on such a nice day. John made the most delicious margarita with blood orange juice. Sunday Jason had some friends over to play Axis and Allies. They came over at two and did not leave until nine. My friend Kelli and her daughter Olivet came over because her husband Cliff was playing the game. I made enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner so it was a fun night. Porter and Olivet were playing together well so it was really nice.
Today I went to story time in the library. Porter just wants to crawl around all over and he loves this huge stuffed cow. I spend most of the time trying to keep him from eating the disgustingly dirty tail. I am okay with him hugging and touching the body but I don't like it. A high school classmate was there with her daughter who is a few weeks younger than Porter. I invited her to our playgroup so I hope she comes.

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