Thursday, March 03, 2005

three cupcakes

Ever since I watched Victoria Gotti eat cupcakes on her show I have been craving them. I made some delicious coconut cupcakes a while back that filled my craving for a while. If they did not take so long to make I would make a batch every week. Last night I made some Betty Crocker silver white cake with coco butter frosting. I ate three if them last night and three today. I am kind of taking advantage of the fact that I am still brest feeding. I can still eat so much and not gain any weight but I know that will end soon. Porter is starting to eat more solid food so he should stop nursing as much.
I went to Walmart today with my sister. The last time I was there was when I bought my bike about two years ago. It was actually a nice Walmart because it was new and clean. I bought a pattern to make a skirt, a blue ball and an outfit for Porter. I wonder if it will be another two years before I go back. I will probably buy some of Porter's play clothes there since they are so cheap.
Tonight Jason and I are going to go out and I just can't wait.

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