Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adventure Playground

I found out about adventure playground a few days ago when Secret Agent Josephine posted a photo on Instagram. IMG_6470 My sister-in-law and her friend came with us and my sister drove down with her kids. We got there a little after 12:30 and right after a bus full of kids showed up so it was busy for the first few hours. Porter just wanted to hammer and saw for the first hour, not wanting to get wet. IMG_6474
After he observed the rope bridge he decided he could cross it without getting wet and he did a few times before he fell. IMG_6531 IMG_6533
Once he fell in he was fine and went on the rafts and mud slide. IMG_6559
Liesl and Miranda spent the majority of their time on the rafts. IMG_6487
"this is cold but awesome" Liesl
The kids were a wet dirty mess at the end of the day but, they had such a fun time, I know we will be making a trip up again.

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