Friday, June 01, 2012

Adventure Club

Porter and Liesl were not huge fans of our yard for a long time. When we built the tree fort they would go out there with friends but, rarely alone. Our trip to Portland changed that and they are outside in the yard almost every day. Recently they have been eating dinner outside, not wanting to break from playing to eat. Everywhere we go they collect things to bring back home. I can't count how many palm fronds, shells, sticks, leaves I have stuffed into my car over the last few month. I had to get over my initial response to say "no" to their requests, I didn't want my car to get dirty. I hate to clean and I try really hard to keep everything clean as long as possible. I would ask them why we needed to bring them home and they were so convincing I had to agree. Now it is just a given that they will be bringing something home from every outing.
Untitled Porter with some chicken bones Liesl had to save from dinner a few weeks ago. Untitled Rocks they were grinding down and a flag pole. Porter has asked me to make a flag for it that says Adventure Club. Untitled Shells from the beach. Untitled Untitled
Porter's legs hanging out out of the trap door.

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  1. So cute! I finally can see all of the pictures. I am happy they are having such a good time in their backyard now!