Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Break

Liesl has a broken leg.  It wasn't a bad break, just a fracture by her growth plate.  On Sunday she was jumping on the trampoline, fell and started crying.  I watched the whole thing and had no clue she could have broken it.  She refused to walk but, she wasn't crying out in pain.  I thought it would be better in the morning but, it wasn't.  On Monday we took her to Urgent Care where they took some x-rays and put her leg in a brace.  Tuesday we went to Children's Hospital where they confirmed that it was indeed fractured.  We got to choose the cast and went with a removable one.  During this time I lost my phone and only took a few photos of the ordeal with Jason's phone.

And since she can't stand with out the cast she is back to taking baths.


  1. Did she go to school?

  2. Oh no! Poor Leisel!!! Tramplines are so so fun, and so so dangerous too. It sounds like she took it like a champ...she is so tough!! I hope it heals quick.

  3. She is back at school and loving the attention from her classmates!

  4. Aw...poor kid. I guess it's a rite of passage. My big sis broke her arm on a trampoline when she was that age and had to get a helicopter ride to the nearest hospital.

    Hey--I saw your comment on Pacing the Panic Room. I will forgive you for not reading my blog, since I hardly read anyone else's anymore. But we should really hang out some time, since we live across the street from one another. Email me sometime at . My kids are sick right now, but should be better soon.