Monday, July 12, 2010


Liesl told me today that she would like to be named Clarabel. She said that she would like me to call her Clarabel, but everyone else could call her Liesl. I used it a few times today when she didn't respond to Liesl and she looked at my right away. I didn't blog the year Liesl was born, so only family and friends know this, but when Liesl Maedchen was born we named her Charlotte Mae. The name was just not working for me, so when she was 8 weeks we started calling her Liesl. Liesl knows we changed her name because we have talked about it and I will joke sometimes and call her Charlotte. I call her Liesl, Munch, Lee Lee, Maedchen and Munchie Maedchen, so I guess I can add Clarabel to the list if that is what she wants.

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