Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's about time...

I sat down and started writing in this blog again.

The longer I go with out blogging the more things I have to blog about and then I get overwhelmed with the amount of things I could blog about. Does that make any sense?

I could write a whole post about how wonderfully delicious the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls were or about the wonderful 4 weeks off I had with my kids or how I chipped my front tooth eating a rolled taco, but I won't. I will just leave you with an adorable picture of my son mowing the "lawn" that has sprung up in our yard this winter and a promise to start blogging again.


  1. How about you just make some Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls for me:) They sound yummy!

  2. Tell us about your tooth! Hahahaaaa!