Monday, September 08, 2008

soccer fun

Porter had two soccer practices and he was a little slow to warm up and did not like it that much. Porter would call out the coaches name and try to get his attention instead of joining in on what he was trying to teach the kids. I was expecting the same from him this past Saturday at his first game. Porter was excited to wear his uniform and joined the team in the warm up without hesitating. When the game started he sat out the first quarter and watched his teammates and by the time it was his turn he was ready to play. Porter's team is aged 6 and under coed and most of the kids are bigger and older than him, but he got right in there and went after the ball. He would just kick it and never had much control of the ball for long, but I was so happy he had fun. The team has a few superstars, so they scored about 8 goals, but the other team did not score any. Porter is number 2 and in the middle of the video when it begins.

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