Monday, August 01, 2005


I love being able to name our child but at the same time it can be hard to find the right name. The boy name that I like is Miles Elliott and the girl name is Scarlett Rose. The only problem is that my friend Michele has already said that her girl name is Maria Rose. My friend is married but they are not pregnant and as far as I know are not trying to be. I know that she wants to be pregnant but her husband thinks they should wait a little while. Michele told me a couple of weeks ago that a single mutual friend told her that she likes the name Rose as well. Michele thought that this was really weird and it made her mad. At dinner the other night I casually said that we liked the name Scarlett Rose right after she told us her baby names for the 100th time. She just got this weird look on her face and did not say anything. I started saying some other middle names and then everyone started giving me their suggestions. I just do not think it is that big of a deal to have the same middle name. I could see her being mad if I wanted to name my baby Maria but Rose is becoming so popular right now I don't think she has any right to be mad. I did not want to tell her we are thinking of that name but I guess I really don't care if she is mad. I guess I just do not understand the idea that once you pick out a name or name your child no one else can use it. I personally would be happy is someone named their son Porter. I think it is a great name and should be used more. I love the name Amelia and my sister used it and I was happy.
Friday night we went to Pasta Espresso in PB and it was so good. Jason bought some new Converse at a store there and we went home. Saturday we went up to Krakatoa and got some coffee and food but there were no empty tables so went to the park. There is this huge tree in Balboa Park that we used to be able to climb on as kids. The ground was getting to compacted and it could not get enough water so they had to gate it off. There is the same kind of tree at the park so it was fun to let Porter climb on the huge roots. I wish I had better shoes on because I would have loved to climb up on the branches. We cleaned the house and I washed all of my maternity clothes. In the afternoon we went to my parent's house to go swimming. Sunday we went over to Hillcrest for bagels and coffee. We were supposed to go to the beach in the afternoon but my friends said it was overcast so we did not go. I made a late lunch/ early dinner and then baked a cake. I just love white cake with butter cream frosting. I am probably going to eat the whole cake by tomorrow. I thought that I had gained a few pounds already but when I got on the scale today I found out that I only gained a 1/2 pound. I gained 3 pounds in my first trimester last time and I have three more weeks so I hope I start gaining some weight. I firmly believe that if you do not overeat your body will gain what it needs. I can't wait for my next appointment on the 11th.

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