Thursday, April 21, 2005

All the things we did

Friday night we had my sister's family and another couple over for dinner. I made a bunch of food that turned out alright. I did not love it but I did not hate it either. Saturday we went to Balboa Park for Bowie's 1st birthday party. We only stayed for a little while but it was fun. After the party we went to a fake wedding. Jason's friend is in a movie and they were shooting the wedding scene so we went to be a guest. It was fun and Porter was being good. Saturday night we went to The Fish Market with my family and our friends from Malta. The food was good but it is a little stressful going to dinner with a baby. Fortunately they put us in a room just for large groups so Porter and Henry did not disrupts the other guests.
Sunday we went to the Crest Cafe for breakfast. It took a while to be seated and by the time we were eating Porter was tired and ready for a nap. Sunday afternoon we went to a house warming party for our friends. It was nice but uneventful. Sunday night we went over to our neighbor's house for pizza.
We had such a full weekend I hope this next weekend is not as full.

I am still pissed of about the cat situation. I just do not know what to do about it but I know that I should not have to live like this.

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