Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sea World

Last Tuesday I got an email from Sea World asking if we would like to come to the park the following day for a special announcement at the dolphin show. The last time we were there we were in the middle of a camping trip and didn't get to stay very long, so I canceled the kids dentist appointments and we went.
The kids were really into the pre-show entertainment and wouldn't look at me for a photo.

I had never taken the kids to the dolphin show before and they loved it. I loved the dolphin show as a kid and I think it all started when I was picked to go up during one of the shows. I had the certificate they gave me up in my room for years and even put down "dolphin trainer" as one of my career choices in elementary school. The dolphins are just cool and I really liked the show too. The big announcement is that after Labor day the current show will end, and in May 2010 a new show called 'Blue Horizon' will debut. The new show will have birds and acrobatics along with the dolphins and sounds like a lot of fun. I imagine the new show being similar to Cirque de la Mer which the kids really like as well. The kids really enjoyed all the acrobatics and the large ball that was floating around with a man in it. Hard to explain, but the kids really enjoyed it. We also went to the dog and cat show and that is always a hit with the kids. My mom, the kids and I all had a really nice time.

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