Monday, August 17, 2009

a trip to the dentist

Last week I took the kids to the dentist. I had previously taken them to a pediatric dentist, but they are old enough now for my dentist to see them. Liesl had 4 cavities last time and 3 this time. I brush her teeth every day and the Dr. said that she has really deep groves in her molars and poor enamel, so no amount of brushing will help. Porter has good teeth, but he needs to stop sucking his thumb. The Dr. said that Porter is altering the way his face would naturally look and that freaked me out. I was just going to let him suck his thumb for as long as he wanted to, but now we are going to try and have him stop. We are not going to do anything until after school starts and see how things go then. He is really attached to the blanket that he snuggles with when he is sucking his thumb. He has even told me before that he loves me as much as his blanket. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

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