Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Long Weekend

Wednesday was spent preparing for our annual playgroup camping trip. This year I decided to go up on Thursday with a few families and without Jason for the first night. I brought so much stuff the kids had blankets and pillows all around them and the front passenger seat was full. We stayed at the Paso Picacho campground in Cuyamaca, just an hour drive away. I set up our ridiculously big tent, I think it could sleep 8, with just a little help from Porter. The kids were great and it was nice to be up there a day earlier than most of the other families.

Friday morning after breakfast I drove back to San Diego with a list of things to pick up and to take the kids to Sea World. We got free tickets and the kids had been asking to go again, so I decided that it was a lot of driving, but worth it. We got home and it was a mad dash to get the kids showered and ready to leave. Since Jason had to stay home and work I invited my mom to join us. By the time we arrived at Sea World we had no time to check anything out before we had to meet for lunch. We ate at Dine with Shamu and the kids really loved it. The food was just okay, what you would expect from a restaurant buffet. I let the kids eat the chicken because that is all they would eat and they both had a huge piece of chocolate cake. After lunch we had a nice tour where we got to see some baby penguins, dolphins and to feed the sea turtles.
The kids wanted to stay longer, but it was too crowded for me and I wanted to get back to the campground. The rest of the weekend was filled with dirty kids and ton of fun!

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