Monday, September 07, 2009

the last week of summer Part 1

We made the most of the week and had a really great time. Wednesday we went to the Quail Botanical Gardens to check out the new kids area. There is a giant tree house, a stream, musical instruments, etc. Porter had such a great time, he asked if we could go again the next day. It was hot there and not a lot of shade because the trees are still young, but that will not be a problem for long. The kids enjoyed it so much I ended up buying a year membership. Here are some photos my friend took of the day.

Thursday we went to the Science Museum because that is where the kids wanted to go and it was nice and cool inside. The kids always have fun there and I got to spend a few hours enjoying the AC.
Thursday afternoon Porter had his first soccer practice. They didn't end up practicing, but the kids got to know each other and played for a little while. After soccer we went to the Zoo with some friends and enjoyed the warm summer night.

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