Sunday, September 13, 2009

Difficult week

There was going to be a "last week of summer" part 2 but we had such a crazy week I can't go back there in my head right now. Porter has been having a really hard time adjusting to school and it has been hard on all of us. Porter is fine in the class room, it is on the playground and during the extra classes that he is having a problem. In dance class on Friday he punch two kids in the stomach for no reason. It is like him going up to someone and patting them on the back, instead he punches them. It is not out of anger or wanting to hurt them, that he does it so, we are having a really hard time getting him to change his behavior. I am thinking of taking away his favorite blanket as consequence if this continues, but I am not sure yet. I hope this next week is better.

Lies started preschool on Thursday and had a great time. She told me she liked painting with the glitter paint and playing with the girl in the pink dress.

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