Wednesday, August 08, 2007

two sick kids

Porter has had a runny nose for a week now and Liesl has had a runny nose plus she threw up last night and this afternoon. I hope they get better soon.

Some things Liesl is doing that I want to remember.
Words for things
Baby = Blanket
milking = nursing
jacket = anything she wants to put on
please = something she wants
Liesl is also obsessed with shoes especially Porter's shoes. I have to show her every pair until she see the ones she wants. If I don't show them all to her she starts crying. She loves to put anything on like jackets, hats, bibs, bike helmet. She is really into the layering look and loves to go out with a jacket on when it 100 degrees out. I was trying to make dinner this evening so I sat her at the bar with some food and when I turned around she had on a cowboy hat and two bibs on. I should have taken a picture she was so cute.

Yesterday morning I took Porter to the dentist and he has no cavities but his front tooth is dead. we are just going to leave it in and eventualy it will fall out whe the new one comes in. She was a nice lady and I will definitly go back. When we were leaving the dentist asked Porter if he wanted a sticker and he told her he was going to take two one for him and one fore his sister. I thought it was so cute that he was thinking of her. Jason stayed home with Liesl and Porter did not really like that we were leaving without her. I wonder if he is going to have a problem going to school by himself? I am looking forward to him going to school but I am not sure about it. My plan all along was for him to go the year before he enters kindergarden but I kind of got caught up in the whole school thing. I guess we will see how it all works out.

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  1. Sorry Porter has a dead tooth, sounds better than a cavity though. (Athena had the start of 3 small ones - she may have to get filled later - I am hoping not and that her new ones will come in with less grooves).
    Oh, and the school thing, I think you guys are going to dig it but, hey, if you don't, you didn't sign your name in blood or anything, don't feel like you HAVE to keep it up if it doesn't end up feeling "right". I think it will though...