Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pink Elephant

I am siting here trying to write something and I can't remember what I did this past week.
Monday we went to Lorien's house for the coop pick up.

Tuesday we did something but I can't remember what. Oh I think we went down to Bonita to swim in my parent's pool.

Wednesday we went to Java Mama for story time and the kids went to Esther's house while I went to the dentist. The story time at Java Mama was fun but that place overall in my personal nightmare. The dentist was supper high tech compared to my old dentist and he was really nice. I have two cavities under old fillings that need to me replaced. They wanted to do them in two weeks but I made the appointment for after my birthday.

Thursday we went to a friends house to play and to circus class after. Circus class was fun but Porter does not do very well in classes. He was really shy at first and then started running around making faces and not paying attention to the teacher. I think it would be fun for him to take the class but I am not sure if he will.

Friday we went to playgroup and had the neighbors over for dinner. Playgroup was fun and both kids slept when we got home so that was nice. I was able to start cooking dinner without to much distraction. I made Indian food and these yummy lemon raspberry pudding cakes.

Jason went out Friday night with his friends so he did not wake up until late Saturday morning. I made some pancakes for Porter so he was happy about that. I told him the night before that if he went to bed right away that I would. Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Porter's friend. It was a nice party but I thought it was a little different that they offered beer and lemonade but there was no food. It was a two hour party and about an hour and a half into it they served some cake and ice cream and that was it. It was kind of like what a party should be in so many ways. Some of the birthday parties these days are so over the top it is overwhelming for the kids. Anyway I should shut up because some of my parties have been a little crazy. I am trying to change that and will not throw another crazy party for quite a while.
Saturday night I had Sara and Ticey over for leftover Indian food from the night before. We went to Pink Elephant in the evening and had a fun time.
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Today we got up and went to this coffee shop up the street and Porter had a major breakdown and we were going crazy trying to deal with it. Porter cried all the way home and he ended up taking a three hour nap. I went with Sara and Ticey to a friends house for an afternoon tea. I made a strawberry cheesecake that was fabulous and it was a really nice afternoon. When I got home Jason had a friend over and they wanted to go to the Zoo. It was the perfect evening for the Zoo and we had a really nice time. Porter wanted to ride the Skyfari and it was an awesome view of the city at night.
This week I am not sure what is going on but I might go up to LA on Tuesday but I am not sure.

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