Wednesday, October 27, 2004

roll over

So Porter rolled over yesterday afternoon for the first time. The sad thing is that I did not get to see it. I was at a friends house and I was sitting on the ground next to him and when I looked away he rolled onto him stomach. My baby is all grow up. Porter has a new sound. I first heard it a couple of days ago but last night at the child development class he would not stop. It is a mixture of gurgling and a high pitch shrill. It is so funny I can't help but laugh when he does it. At first I was not sure if he was mad when he did it but it seem like he has just discovered a new sound and likes to make it. Today it was raining and I was just going to stay in but I had to go to Target. Sometimes they have great deals on children's clothing and today I bought Porter a jacket for $2.50. Anyway when I got home I was missing an item so I had to go back. I was annoyed at the whole situation and felt bad that Porter had to be in the car for so long. He just sits in the car seat and looks bored but he is over the screaming so it is not that bad. Tomorrow is craft day at play group and infant massage.

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  1. Awww... good for Porter! Jonah rolled over for the first time the day before I went back to work. He had just turned 14 weeks. But he only goes from back to belly (he went from tummy to back twice, but I don't know if it counts since he hasn't done it in so long). At first he would do it all the time, but now he only does it every now and then (lost its novelty, I guess).

    And Jonah's also getting more used to the car seat. It helped when we moved him out of the infant seat and into a regular car seat... More room. He also doesn't like being in it when it's dark. So we got a little portable push light and we just toss it on the back seat next to him so it's brighter back there.