Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A busy Porter

Porter has been so busy it is hard to keep track of everything he does. He has two play groups, infant massage class, free museum Tuesdays and story time at the Library. This is all for Porter and I just have to go along as is escort :) I am glad that I have found so many things to do and I am not just sitting in the house all day. I was afraid that I might do that before he was born but it has been so easy to meet other moms and find things to do. Our Thursday play group is for parents that are into attachment parenting and our Friday play group is with moms that I met at infant massage class. We are going to Balboa park today to the free museums with some other moms from the play group. I think we are going to have a little picnic afterwards. This afternoon I am going to go with another mom to a child development class at a local community college so they can observe Porter and ask us questions. It should be interesting and hopefully I will learn something from them as well.

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  1. Hi! So glad you found me over here!! I was wondering if you were writing somewhere new...

    Sounds like Porter is doing very well! I've been thinking about getting Jonah into a playgroup. But I have a few concerns... Like, is he too young? And then I also worry about dealing with parents who are different than us. We aren't very traditional and there are only so many *shocked* looks I can handle when people find out we sleep with Jonah and don't believe in CIO among other things... LOL! How did you find Porter's group??