Friday, November 05, 2004

busy busy

I am so busy. This week we went to story time at the library, the R.H.F. Space Museum in Balboa Park, parent movie day to see Shall We Dance, met some other moms for lunch and we are going to play group today. Porter has only rolled over a couple of times when he is reaching for something but not on purpose. I don't know if I don't put him down enough or what. I think I put him down a lot but when he is starting to get bored or fussy I pick him up. I think that he is just not that interested in rolling over. It is not really a milestone so I am not that concerned about it. This weekend we are going up to Upland for my cousins birthday party. Next weekend we have a naming ceremony for one of the girls in our play group. The weekend after that we are going to Saint George UT with my parents to visit my grandma. She wants to show off Porter to all of her friends at the retirement community. The weekend after that we are going to be in Portland for a week. I am not really sure how December looks but it will probably be filled with lots of shopping and shipping. Oh Porter had his 4 month check up last Friday and he is 18 lbs. 5 oz. and 26 1/2 inches long. His pediatrician said that he is the weight of a 6 month old and the height of a 7 month old. He is just a big strong boy. Most people think that he is older and some people comment that he is really advanced for his age but I really don't like to say that. I mean yeah he might be advanced right now even though he can not roll over he can get up on his knees and sit up but in a few years I think he will be where other kids his age are. Anyway I don't know if I am making any sense at all.

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  1. Thanks... I think I may have found an AP plsygroup in my area. I emailed one of the moms and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully it will work out. I feel kind of disconnected from "traditional" moms because we do things so differently.

    Speaking of doing things with the baby... We've decided to try baby signing! I'm really excited. Jonah is, of course, a little young to sign back. But we're going to expose him to a few "key" signs anyway. I think we're going to start with milk, more, change, Mommy & Daddy. I think it'll be fun!

    And wow... you're going to be SO close to me! I actually delivered Jonah in Upland. My OB and pediatrician are both there, too. I only live like 15 minutes away. Crazy...

    And Porter and Jonah are so similar! Jonah had his 4 month appointment on the 21st. He was 18lbs12oz (97th percentile) and 25" (48th percentile). He's a big boy!! He's going through clothes so quickly. We're already on our 3rd wardrobe (6-9 months) and I don't think it will be long before we have to move on to our 4th...