Monday, July 20, 2009

a perfect summer weekend

Friday started out with a trip to the Handlery pool to swim. We had planed on going to the Lafayette pool, but they were having an adults only event. More than half of the shallow end is 3 feet, so Porter had a really fun time swimming around. Friday night we had friends over for tacos and it turned into a porch party with dancing. We all had a really good time.

Saturday morning we walked over to a local coffee shop for breakfast and then over to the Gay Pride parade. We had a fun time and the kids did not ask any questions about all the people walking around in their underwear. The only thing Porter said on the walk home was "those people have paint on their legs"
Saturday night the kids spent this night at my parent's house, so Jason and I could go out. Our friends Kristine and Gregg were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their company Premise at their cool new office. After the party we went to U31 and the Whistle Stop for some dancing.

Sunday was spent hanging out at my parent's house by the pool.

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  1. That does sound pretty perfect! *envious sigh*