Friday, July 10, 2009

"is this dead flamango?"

I am not a huge fan of eating meat, but Liesl loves to eat it when we go to my parent's house. I like to call it what it is, so she knows that pork is dead pig and beef is dead cow. Porter calls dried mango "flamango" even though I have told him many times it is just mango. Porter also calls the flamingos at the Zoo "flamango". Naturally, Liesl has taken to calling flamingos and mango "flamango" as well. In the car yesterday she was eating some mango and asked "is this dead flamango?". I had to explain that what she was eating was a fruit and a flamingo is a bird and we don't eat flamingos. Then she told me that if there was a dead flamingo in the river we could swim to it and get it and eat it. I was laughing so hard and all I cold say to that was "I guess we could".