Sunday, December 14, 2008

work party

Last night we went to the US Grant for Jason's work party. The alcohol was free, the food sucked and the DJ was your typical corporate work party DJ. Jason was recognized for his years of service and received a generic thank you letter and a company monogrammed pen. I of course clapped and cheered when his name was called and I think the whole room looked at me. Later, I went up to the 45 year old CEO and brought him back to our table to introduce to everyone. After the party we walked to the new Chee Chee Club and met a few people on the way. The Chee Chee was fun, we drank more and played some pool, well I think I tried to play anyway. We ended the night at the new El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, formerly the Hong Kong. I am not a Downtown person, I prefer to stick with my kind up in the North Park area, but I really liked the El Dorado and will definitely go again. I am thinking of scheduling a MNO there in January.

Yes, that is me on the street with a wine glass.


  1. Good for you!!! Don't you love a generic thank-you letter and company-monogrammed pen as a handshake??

  2. Yeah! Schedule at MNO at the new place In Jan. And, hooray for Jason. I am sure he needed a new pen :)