Tuesday, December 02, 2008

chicken dance

Today Liesl had her second dance class and she loved it. It is so cute to watch her take a class and listen to the teacher and follow directions.
Here she is checking herself out.

and this is the face she gave me when I asked her to look at me.

After dance class we went to Peoples and ran into my friend who just got some baby chicks. I picked up Porter from school and took the kids over to check them out. The kids were not that as into them as I thought they would be. I tried to hold one, but freaked out, so my friend just put it on my knee and that was okay.


  1. Liesl looks so cute in the top picture. She kind of reminds me of Paulina.

  2. Liesl look like just like you! Are those Kim's chickens?

  3. yeah they are Kim's and she just told me today that she ordered some hatchlings that will hatch two weeks after she gets them.

  4. I have a little dancer myself! Nice chicken