Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marion Bear Canyon

Sunday we took the kids to Marion Bear Canyon. It was fun to see how it has changed since we were there last and it was really fun for the kids. Porter really liked to find all on the different plants on the guide map.
Jason was showing the kids a cattail.
We saw quite a few of these giant orange spiders.
Porter was looking out for Liesl.
I wonder if these gourds were wild or if someone planted them there?


  1. Those photos are great - I especially love the first and last ones! And so nice that Porter looks out for his little sister!

  2. We saw those same squashes on a recent hike to nearby rose canyon. I looked it up and i guess they are just a wild squash. pretty cool. we saw a few broken open and they were a little stinky but had seeds like a squash. i can't believe i've never seen them though so I was thinking the same thing (like some one planted them there).

  3. coyote melon. not for eating =)