Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday was my little sister's wedding. It was a little crazy trying to get pictures of the kids, Liesl did not walk down the isle, Porter sprinted down the isle, the ring bearer threw the pillow in the air sending the rings flying, but other than that and me having to spend the ceremony in the cry room with Liesl, it was fun. The reception was fun and the chef made me a vegan dinner that was good, but not great. My dinner was three big wedges of pan fried unseasoned tofu with some vegetables and tomato sauce. The dancing and everything else was fun, but my sister had too much to drink and around 10:30M went to sleep in my parent's room. The reception did not end until around 12:30 so we got home around 1PM. My friend had come earlier to pick up the kids so we were able to enjoy the evening without having to watch the kids.

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