Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is my lovely vegetable garden but in all of this I only have two tomatoes. There are no squash blossoms or anything, what am I doing wrong? Is there not enough sun, should we cut down another tree or just thin them out to let in more sun?


  1. I would have to actually see your squash plant but without seeing it I'm guessing that it's just fine and when it gets bigger you will start getting some squash. It's actually better for the plant to make squash when it's bigger, you will get more, bigger fruit. Do you have flowers on it? If they don't have little squash looking things on them then they are the male flowers and the female, squash producing flowers aren't very far behind. Have you been fertilizing? Squash like really rich soil.

  2. maybe some compost?
    really though, that tomato is cute!