Friday, December 28, 2007

Wood Christmas

I was trying to write a Christmas post but it just sucked so I erased it. Christmas was fun, we had a really nice time and the kids toys were all made out of wood or cloth. Yay, I am done with that.

We are all well and looking forward to the New Year. My parent's offered to take the kids overnight on New Years Eve but they have never been away from us and I am not sure how it would go.

Wednesday morning I met my sister at my favorite children's store The Lily Pad because they were having a 50% off the entire store sale. I bought way more than I should have and Jason kind of yelled at me for it. Well he did not yell but he told me very sternly that I should have not spent the money. I got some great stuff thought so it was worth it.

I have a new name for my clothing/hair clip venture but I am not going to tell you yet. I am going to go down and get a business license and all that so I can order wholesale fabric and shirts. I am excited.

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