Saturday, December 22, 2007


We have all been sick this week but we are all healthy now. It was not fun but I am so happy Jason and I were not sick on the same day. I am still having some neck pain and head dizziness so I hope it goes away soon.
We went and bought the kids christmas presents and let them pick them out. We are kind of but not really doing the whole santa thing and they are so young they did not care too much that they did not get to play with their gifts right away. Jason is on his way to Carmel Valley to pick up some trains and track from a Craigslist listing. Porter is still really into trains so I think he will really like it. Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth just came on the Big 80's station and I can't tell you happy that just made me. I remember my sister had a dance to this song, she was a big fan. I was more of a Madonna fan and made up dances to her songs. I have a sweet potato, pecan pie in the oven and when it is done we are going to my dear friend Elaine's house for her annual solstice party.

Check out this interesting Craigslist listing I found today.


  1. that craigslist post was too weird...

  2. yeah and I wonder what they have to do with xmas?