Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I thought it was a bruise

Sunday I was at my parents house and my mom said to me "you have a varicose vein" I said "what, I thought that was a bruise" I have had a bruise on my leg for months and I never could remember how I got it. My mom said "well you know Natalie you are getting older". Yay, I am 30 for a week and I have a varicose vein. There is someone on my kombucha yahoo group that has treated them with kombucha cream. I made some kombucha cream but I ended up throwing it away after a day because it freaked me out.

When we were living in Golden Hill we never had home improvement solicitors but we get them at least once a week over here in NP. They usually come in the early evening when I am feeding or bathing the kids and I can't help it but be a little rude to them. This evening Liesl was eating at the bar(where she has fallen off the chair at least 5 times) eating and I went to the door and the man said to me "is a homeowner around" WTF do I look that young? I said "yes and I am not interested in any home improvements" the man tried to give me some flyer but I just said no thank you and shut the door. He left mad and I felt bad later because he is just trying to make a living.

I was really rude on Monday night at knitting and I kind of feel bad about it. I bought one of my favorite desserts, a lemon bar and I ate it all without offering it to anyone. What made me feel bad is that my friend(who I was sitting next to the whole time while I was shoving the yummy bar in my mouth)bought one when we were leaving.

School is going well for Porter and he has some friends so things are good.

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