Sunday, March 14, 2010

almost 8 years later

When I met Jason he had this painting on his wall of him and his ex girlfriend that his ex girlfriend's friend painted. They had broken up a year and a half earlier and he still liked the painting. When I went to Portland and met his family 4 months later his mom still had photos of him and his ex on the fridge. For a while I felt like I had to compete with this ex who he even sent money to once when she needed it. Eventually I realized that if he wanted to be with her he would be. He was with me and I needed to not be effected by it. When he bought his first house 10 months after we had been dating, he told me that he was not going to put the painting up in it. I was like "yay, I don't have to look at this painting everyday anymore". Jason would not just put it in the moving van, he had to find a cloth to wrap around it to protect it. It sat in the shed for the 4 years that he and eventual me and the kids lived at that house. It moved to our current house and I often wondered how long he was going to hold onto this painting. I thought that I could just put it in the trash and he would not even know about it, but I could not do that to him. After all I made him get rid of his beloved cat before we had our daughter. The cat was adopted by a friend and has a lovely kid free life now. I could not make him get rid of the paining too. Tonight Jason took a friend out to the garage to look at the painting after his friend was telling him about this new show . Jason looked at the painting and realized it was not as great as he thought it was. I asked him and he let me take a hammer to it. It is now hanging over our mantel.


  1. HAHA! what a great post :P

  2. how long is it going to hang over the mantle? I was just admiring the other piece you had there yesterday.

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