Thursday, October 01, 2009

what we have been up to

In all of our adjusting to Porter starting Kindergarten, I forgot to mention that Liesl started school too. She is at the same school Porter went to, so she was very comfortable with it from the beginning. She has made a lot of friends and loves spending time in the art studio.

Porter started soccer a few weeks ago and scored two goals at the last game. He is one of three boys on the team "Soccer Puppies", so he has more of a chance to score. Liesl would like to play, but she has to wait until next year, I think I am going to try and coach their team if I can fine a friend to do it with me.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend with family and friends at the Mojave Resort in Palm Desert. We go every year and think it is just the best place for a weekend get away.

I am starting to get used to my time away from the kids, it is kind of weird. Sometimes I don't know what to do with all this free time. It is only 6 hours a week, but it feels like so much. I need to go make Liesl's costume now because we are going to Disneyland tomorrow for Mickey's Trick or Treat Party.

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