Thursday, April 02, 2009

i lost a week

I started to get sick Saturday night in Vegas and ended up crashing at 10:30PM. I was in bed or the car all day Sunday, in bed all day Monday and part of Tuesday. On Wednesday I was feeling better, but still took it easy and then today I woke up worse again. I took a nap and felt better, but I still feel like shit. Jason, my mom and friends have all been really helpful with the kids, so I can rest. It is no surprise that the TV has been on quite a lot this week. Yesterday at my mom's house I noticed that Porter was whining a lot. My mom and sister would say that my kids whine all the time, maybe they do, but I don't notice it. This evening I realized that all of the whining is probably because of all of the TV and change of routine we have had this week. We will have a TV detox week starting Monday and see if the whining stops or not. I just need to get better, I don't do sick.


  1. Same at our house too. The whining is directly related to the lack of personal attention they get from me. If I'm busy and the T.V. is on, more whining. Without the T.V., I give them more attention and the whining is not so bad. Last week we totally relapsed back to it because I was so sick and didn't have the energy to play with them. We are slowly getting back to the no T.V. thing again. This house fares much better without.
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. I love you Natalie and you are a great Mom. Things will get back to normal soon.
    Miss you,