Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So it is two days shy of two weeks since my last blog entry. One of the reasons why I signed up for the blog 365 was because if I don't do it everyday I have long breaks. My last post was from our trip to Seattle and Portland, we had a great time. Our schedule up there was late nights and late mornings, so it has been really hard to break it since we have been back. We got home one week ago, but Jason had the rest of the week off and we had the Comic Con to attend, friends to see, bike rides to go on and the premier of Mad Men to watch. I blog at night and all of my nights have been too busy to sit down and write. It is fun being busy, but I am craving some routine and want to try and get the kids back on some sort of a schedule. We are not really schedule people, but I think it will help us. I thought that I would be back on track this week now that the vacation is over and Jason is back at work, but we are going to Merced and San Jose in two days. Jason's daughter, who he gave up for adoption, used to live in San Jose, but moved to Alabama two years ago and she is in San Jose for the week. She is so close that I felt we had to see her so I am driving with the kids up to Merced on Thursday to visit with some friends and then Jason is flying up on Friday morning. We are just going to hang out with her for an afternoon and I hope it is a nice visit. I don't know when I am going to get back on the blogging waggon, but I hope it is soon.

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  1. I am having the same problem at the mo' - I'm trying to get back to blogging daily as I feel I'm on top of at least ONE thing in my life if I manage that!!