Friday, November 16, 2007

did you know...

...that there are monsters in the dark and Daddies know how to scare them away but Mommies and kids and babies don't know how? Porter just informed me of that and yes he is still up at 11PM. Jason wanted to work on his project/website and I wanted to sew my reusable holiday wrapping bags so we just let Port hang out and read Popular Science.

Something that has been on my mind and I am on my second glass of wine so I am going to go off.

Four and a half years ago my Grandma sold her house in LA and moved to an assisted living community in Saint George, Utah where my uncle and his wife live. When she first moved there she would still come to San Diego to visit but traveling was hard on her so she stopped coming. I totally understand this so we do go see her but only about twice a year. When my Grandma was deciding if she should move to San Diego or Utah my Uncle was pushing really hard for her to move by him. We really wanted my Grandma here but with my parent's and the four of us kids and our families, family gatherings are a little crazy so I think she wanted the more mellow life. My Uncle and his wife have been really good to my Grandma, they take her to her Dr. appointments and out to dinner so things have been good for her. She has made a lot of friends in her community and I think she is happy. Well about a month ago my Uncle told my Grandma that they bought a house in Washington and they are selling their house in Utah and they have a buyer. My Uncle's MIL lives in Saint George too and she is moving with them and they asked my Grandma to move as well. My Grandma said no and said if she knew my Uncle was going to move she would have stayed in LA by her friends. I am so mad at my Uncle for doing this to her. My Grandma is going to be alone in Saint George with no family and she will not move here, she is 85 and does not want to start over again. It is seriously disgusting and horrible of my Uncle to do this to her and now I really understand why my Dad and him never got along. My Uncle says it is too hot in Utah to retire and I am like WTF? Why did you want my Grandma there? Anyway, we are going to visit in two weeks and I really don't want to see my Uncle but we will. It will probably be the last time I see him before my Grandma passes away and then I will probably never see him after that.

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  1. what a jerk, sometimes people can be so selfish.